About Us

More than 50 years making Carousels for the world

Our history

Founded in the 1960’s by Federico Amado, a visionary well known in the entertainment industry, FELIMANA LUNA PARK is managed with passion by the first and second generation of its owners. Thanks to the assistance of an experienced staff in production, marketing and design, FELIMANA LUNA PARK offers a wide range of products to a global market.

Our expertise

For more than 40 years, its products have given joy to children all over the world.The company now can proudly say that it has an extended family of clients who have trusted, time and time again, FELIMANA LUNA PARK’s expertise to help them achieve the best possible experience for their visitors.

FELIMANA LUNA PARK gives its clients integral assistance and service. Its staff assists in planning, installation and final assembly on location for each and every one of its products under strict quality procedures.

See our factory workshop

Our factory Workshop

Our company

FELIMANA LUNA PARK’S facilities covers absolutely all aspects of carousel production. Because it controls the whole production process, it can offer its clients full customization on any product if so required.

The company is driven by the joy of children and their parents’ satisfaction. The team knows that the quality in each and every ride they manufacture is as important as the confidence their clients place in the company and that is what finally has made FELIMANA LUNA PARK a world leader in the entertainment industry.